Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Good Life my quest to become Felicity Kendall I am building raised vegetable beds, when I say *I am* I mean *my long suffering husband is*. He would like to read a good book, play street football and become Slash via Guitar Hero, and he can, as soon as I have finished bossing him about and moaning about the position of the nails.
I wanted to build the whole thing out of reclaimed wood but I have discovered that the tip isn't the free for all it used to be......once it's in the skip you can't have it, you have to stalk the cars and tippers to get the rich pickings before they sling it in, and even then you have to make sure the Tip Guys don't catch you. There was no suitable wood as it turned out but I did get a 1950's dark wood sewing box on legs, a little fixer upper for £1.25, the fella said it was £2.50 but he got sick of waiting for me to fish around in my handbag for the correct change and the ice cream man was about to go... ( what ice cream man stalks the tip gates? A clever one as it happens as there is always a queue, these days the tip is a proper day out).
When we got home we were talking to The Lovely Matthew From Next Door and he gave us two sides of his old shed, perfect, we knocked the end bits together and will finish it off this weekend......I already have bell peppers nearly ready to plant out as well as salad stuff that has been growing on the kitchen window sill...I will start small and take it slow as I am a bugger for messing about with plants and being a bit chop happy. Eventually I would like year round fresh produce so I can spend less in Tesco. Hurrah!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Slow Day

Fred Goodwin is a Twazmuppet
That is all.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

[------------II--] Annoyed-O-Meter

Spent all week chasing payment for works done, come on people pay ya fucking bills....have been left with just a few quid again and it's beginning to get on my tits. I offer people good deals wholesale and on commissioned stuff and they still take a bleedin age to cough up, arrrrrrghhhhh, poor blonde child has a hole in his trainers big enough to drive a relatively large Hotwheels dinky vehicle through, please don't let it rain!!!!