Monday, 29 September 2008

Oh yes I forgot to say

The fucking council fixed the street lights, poo and wee I say, it's like living in the middle of Blackpool or something again. The stars are decidedly dimmer and the shuffing of small nocturnal animals around the lawn has ceased. I am not a happy bunny and after such a great weekend too, I may have to have a slice or three of carrot cake.

Saturday Review

Wow what a great Saturday, started off brilliantly with kids not arguing about getting their homework out of the way, result!
Did a ton of very exciting gardening which involved using power tools and large loppers. Made a right mess, had a thoroughly good time.
Had a shower after doing the strenuous MAN gardening, put on flowery dress and did dainty wooden trug dead head gardening.
Had sausages.
Watched as kids played old fashioned street games and remembered how fucking ace is was being 7.
Had tasty chocolate snack of new cranberry and granola flavoured Dairy Milk, nice.
Did two custom orders for jewellery , listed them on Etsy, sold them both within a hour or so, KERCHING.
Had a snog, we are marrried so it is ok.
Watched cheeky Saturday night telly with the whole family lying on the big sofas, I relish these times as I know the boys will grow up and want to hang around the shops drinking Strongbow before they are very much older.
Had a good sleep even though I am very snotty from man flu.

All in all 9 out of 10 for Saturday, I know it doesn't seem like the most exciting way to spend your life but the whole day made me grin like a window licker.

Oh and I discovered the Genius thingy on iTunes, how cool is that!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Post about posts.

I have some ace posts to post, all sorts of good stuff that I haven't had time to blog about. Will get my knickers in gear and lavish some hot bloggy action on you all tomorrow, or later , or whenever, you know just stop hassling me ok!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Break Up

My sister rang on Sunday to tell me she is splitting up from her husband......I was stunned and yet not at all surprised.
Her and her husband always seemed to bicker, I figured that was just they way they did things. I can't imagine how crap she feels, her husband is not taking it well....he has verbalised his hatred for her to our Mum, he thinks she is having an affiar. I don't care if she is or not, that's not my business, I just want to make sure she is ok. In true my family stylee my Mum is blaming herself and my Dad is trying to please everyone and ends up sounding like a twat.
It made me look at my husband and realise how fucking lucky I am, or course he is lucky too because I am ace... but wow we managed to meet each other and make it work. PHEW!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I was going to do a real neeto photomontage of our holiday but I couldn't be arsed to get the pictures off the laptop and put them on the desktop and the new router I have installed for my new job isn't configured for WIFI and the old one keeps forgetting to recognise the desktop and I can't be bothered to keep unplugging the wires and it all went funny and I have a headache because I have been drilling holes in 19th century coins for a customer charm bracelet order *GASP FOR AIR* and I need a drink. That is all for now.