Thursday, 16 July 2009


I guess I am getting old as I haven't stopped jawing on about how this year has flown by, I mean FLOWN by, the children will have finished another school year by Friday. That's fucking mental!
Also I have never been busier, my work is in two national mags next month and I have been preparing for the rush whilst making cakes, growing veg and reading Vogue.
I can't keep up, there aren't enough hours in the day for everything to get done. I suppose I could spend less time pondering, pontificating, reading and rearranging but then life wouldn't be as much fun.


Malc said...

Two national mags.


I'm going for Farmer's Weekly and Stock Car Today.

Inwardly Confused said...

Well it's actually 'Razzle' and 'Readers Wives The Semi Rural Bumper Holiday Edition'.

*not really*

It's 'Woman & Home' and 'SewHip'

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